Friday Night Headliners:

Hot Rock Pilgrims

The Hot Rock Pilgrims

Hot Rock Pilgrims are an old-time/bluegrass super-group featuring some of the most exciting young pickers in the South East of England. Since their formation in early 2014, they have performed up and down the country at arts centers, folk clubs, pubs and private events. They have wowed audiences at bluegrass festivals (eg. Orwell, Cornwall), folk festivals (eg. Fire In The Mountain) and mainstream festivals (eg. Isle Of Wight Festival, Wilderness Festival). They have received rave reviews for their debut EP “Among The Peaks”. And they promise to take you on a high-energy pilgrimage of Appalachian music and its descendants. The Hot Rock Pilgrims website.

Saturday Night Headliners:

G-Runs & Roses

G-Runs & Roses

We are excited to announce that this year’s headline act is the unbelievably talented G-Runs & Roses. Previous winners of the European Bluegrass band of the year, and the band that headlined the very first South Essex Bluegrass festival, we are delighted to welcome them back.

“G-runs ‘n Roses is the most exciting of the new generation of European Bluegrass bands. They play plenty of great original songs and they are not afraid to take risks with their arrangements – successfully. They have performed three times at La Roche Bluegrass Festival now. I have enjoyed their set every time and, this year, I was pleased to see them crowned worthy winners of our band contest.”

Christopher Howard-Williams,
president of the La Roche Bluegrass Festival, France

G-Runs & Roses website.

Saturday Night:

Rustic Robots

The Rustic Robots are a band that is programmed to stimulate human senses and evoke emotions. Their sophisticated software allows them to experience love and hurt and to cure such feelings with alcohol and classic country ballads. In short, these are robots that are perfectly fit to sing drinking songs from the likes of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and George Jones. Their music can be described as traditional bluegrass with the soul of real country music. The band was founded to fill a gap in between the many bands that focus on virtuosity and complex arrangements. The Robots address their audiences with humor, down-to-earth music and heart-felt singing, preferably with tight three-part vocal harmonies.

The members of the band are well-seasoned musicians that play together to enjoy the chemistry and musical buzz between them. To be more specific, these robots are programmed to have fun together and sound good at the same time.

Other Confirmed Acts