The Tuttles with AJ Lee are coming to SEBF!

The amazingly talented Tuttles with AJ Lee will be playing on the Saturday night at the festival. This young, super talented band is composed of singers and multi-instrumentalists who have been playing music since they were barely old enough to hold a pick. The band has received numerous awards: Best Band for three years from The Northern California Bluegrass Society; Molly Tuttle voted Best Guitarist, Michael Tuttle twice voted the Best Mandolin Player, and Jack Tuttle the Best Fiddler. Best Vocalist awards went to AJ Lee in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2015 and to Molly in 2012. This band receives standing ovations wherever they play because of their youthful, vibrant performances of old traditional tunes and tasteful new originals.

3 thoughts on “The Tuttles with AJ Lee are coming to SEBF!

  1. Maureen Roddy

    So exciting that the Tuttles will be coming to this festival! AJ Lee will not be able to make it though. The Tuttles are an award-winning family bluegrass band from California & Nashville: Jack, Molly, Sullivan & Michael Tuttle have toured the U.S. and Canada playing bluegrass to standing ovations across the continent. Molly Tuttle has performed at the Grand Ol Opry, Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, Newport Folk Festival and many other stand-out venues. This is the Tuttle family’s first music tour in the U.K. Here’s a website with more information and music —

  2. anonymous

    I adore Molly Tuttle. She has the sweetest spirit. I love to listen to her play banjo, although her guitar playing is also phenomenal. Both are like magic. And she is beautiful from head to toe, like sculpture.


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